Nekromanteion – A Collection of Arcane Hexes

Liste des groupes Black Metal Necromantia Nekromanteion – A Collection of Arcane Hexes
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Nom du groupe Necromantia
Nom de l'album Nekromanteion – A Collection of Arcane Hexes
Type Compilation
Date de parution 04 Avril 2014
Style MusicalBlack Metal
Membres possèdant cet album1


1. Family of Dog (The Feast of Ghouls)
2. De Magia Veterum (The Dawn of Utter Darkness)
3. Faceless Gods
4. Evil Prayers
5. Lycanthropia
6. La Mort
7. Lord of the Abyss
8. The Feast of Ghouls
9. Evil Prayers
10. Lycanthropia
1. Thrashifixion
2. Shattered Bodies
3. Outbreak of Evil (Sodom Cover)
4. Forbidden Rites
5. Nocturnal Cry
6. Spiritforms of the Psychomancer
7. My World, Your Hell
8. Death Rider (Omen Cover)
9. The Number of the Beast (Iron Maiden Cover)
10. The Demon's Whip (Manowar Cover)
11. Mordor (Running Wild Cover)

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