Neonfly : British Metallers release first new material in 4 years

Jueves 15 Agosto 2019 - 12:53:40 by YuliaMarkhutova

Neonfly returns to the fray in serious style with the release of their incendiary new single ‘This World is Burning’ which drops 24 th May 2019 via Absolute Label Services.This new material marks a true development in sound and attitude and serves as a bridge between the first two albums, and what’s coming up on ‘The Future, Tonight’.

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casseverhart13 - 02 Septiembre 2019 à 12:09:21

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craigcoop774815 - 18 Septiembre 2019 à 12:35:12

I like their music because it is between rock and metal.  continuity subscription merchants

joshuaprice153 - 20 Septiembre 2019 à 10:55:10

That's a great comeback.

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