Baloff Paul

Nombre Paul Baloff
Birth date 25 Abril 1960
Death date 02 Febrero 2002
Paîs USA
Ciudad desconocido

Singer Paul Baloff was one of the four original member of Exodus, arguably the first thrash metal band to appear in the California music scene. He formed the band with guitarist Kirk Hammett, bassist Geoff Andrews, and drummer Tom Hunting in 1981. Influenced by the British heavy metal that leaked into America during the late '70s and the hardcore punk scene that thrived in his native California, the band soon collected a tight-knit group of like-minded musicians around them who had the same influences. Bands like Metallica, Testament, Flotsam & Jetsam, Megadeth, and Death Angel soon began gigging with the foursome, and they led the scene into the tape-trading underground with their influential Whipping Queen and Death and Domination demo.
Hammett left the band in 1983 for Metallica, and he was replaced by Rick Hunolt and Gary Holt. This lineup recorded the classic Bonded in Blood the same year, but the album languished in record company politics while Metallica beat them to the punch with their immensely huge Kill 'Em All. It took almost two years for Bonded in Blood to be released, and by that point the genre had exploded with virtually no input from Exodus. Baloff's frustrations only increased with his personal differences with the members of the band, who eventually dismissed the singer before they finished work on their second album, Pleasures of the Flesh. Although he received writing credits, his work was replaced by incoming vocalist Steve Souza. Baloff tried forming another speed metal group named Piranha, but despite a well-received underground demo the group was never signed and dissolved in the late '80s.

Meanwhile, his former band experienced tragedy after tragedy as virtually each album they released came burdened with incredible difficulties or lineup changes. By 1993 they had split up, with no intention of re-forming. Yet by 1997, Baloff was asked to come back to the re-formed band for a reunion concert with the Bonded in Blood lineup. The show was released as an album, and the group began to tour behind it the following year. By 2001 they were regularly accepting bookings and working on new demos, but on January 31, 2002, tragedy once again struck. Baloff had a major stroke and was brought to Highland General Hospital, where he remained in a coma until he was declared brain dead. On February 2, his doctors shut off his life support, leaving him to die in his sleep. He had no previous known health problems, and the stroke was a complete surprise to everyone around him. His label and his band both released mournful statements, as did other members of the metal community who had known Baloff or who had been influenced by his work. He was one of the very first to kick start the speed metal genre, leading to a sharp change in heavy metal which would keep it fresh and alive for years to come. But sadly, few will recognize his efforts due to the poor hand that fate dealt his band. ~ Bradley Torreano, Rovi