Angels Cry 20th Anniversary Tour

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Band Name Angra
Album Name Angels Cry 20th Anniversary Tour
Type Video
Data de aparición Diciembre 2013
Labels Steamhammer
Estilo MusicalSymphonic power
Miembros poseen este álbum19


1. Angels Cry
2. Nothing to Say
3. Waiting Silence
4. Lisbon
5. Time
6. Milenium Sun (Intro with Kiko Loureiro on the Keyboards)
7. Winds of Destination
8. Gentle Change
9. The Voice Commanding You (Rafael Bittencourt on Vocals)
10. Late Redemption
11. Silence and Distance
12. Reaching Horizon (Acoustic) (Rafael Bittencourt on Vocals)
13. Unholy War / Caça e Caçador
14. A Monster in Her Eyes
15. Make Believe
16. No Pain for the Dead (with Familia Lima on Strings)
17. Stand Away (feat. Tarja Turunen on Vocals)
18. Wuthering Heights (Kate Bush Cover) (feat. Tarja Turunen on Vocals and Uli Jon Roth on Guitar)
19. Evil Warning (feat. Amilcar Christofaro on Drums)
20. Unfinshed Allegro (with Familia Lima on Strings)
21. Carry On
22. Rebirth
23. The Sails of Charon (Scorpions Cover) (feat. Uli Jon Roth on Guitar)
24. In Excelsis
25. Nova Era