South Florida Metal bands pay tribute to Ronnie James Dio at the legendary Culture Room - Dec. 18th

Thursday 23 December 2010 - 08:08:10 by LasaTanica

On Saturday, December 18th 2010, South Florida's legendary music venue the Culture Room, located on 3045 N. Federal Hwy, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, was the setting for a truly epic event: South Florida Metal bands paying homage to the man with the golden Voice, Metal GOD Ronnie James Dio. Ft. Lauderdale's Faethom
(Horror-themed Extreme Metal), Miami's Paralysys (Melodic Heavy Metal), Thrash or Die (Old-School Thrash Metal) also from Miami, and headliner's Dio
tribute band Evil or Divine honored Dio, who passed away earlier this year on May 16th after a grueling battle with stomach Cancer, with an amazing array of their own music and tribute songs chosen from the singer's incomparable work with Black Sabbath, Rainbow, and his band, Dio.

The night kicked-off on a Macabre tone with the brutally Evil Faethom. Bringing terror tales to life, Faethom brings a ghoulish blend of Exteme Metal and Horror
reminiscent of Mercyful Fate and King Diamond. Fronted by the ferociously
wicked Mariela Muerte, who skillfully switched back and forth between guttural
and clean vocals, Faethom artfully delivered songs about Demon babies,
Possessed nuns, Witches, and the Dark Lord. Guitarist David Gomez blasted the audience with machine-gun riffing and gut-wrenching solos. Mariela’s gloriously tenebrous keyboards added just the right amount of drama and sophistication to the music. Federico Vidal's warm bass tones contrasted beautifully with the monstrous guitar and drummer Daniel Reyes drove the aggression home with his Hell-inspired playing. The band performed five of their songs from their upcoming album "In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Unholy" which can also be found on their EP "Lullaby for Heathen Spawn" that is available for sale. They saved their tribute song for last, a speedier-version of Black Sabbath's "Lady Evil" which transitioned smoothly into Rainbow's "Long Live Rock 'n' Roll" both sung beautifully by the dynamic Mariela. An amazing performance and a powerful start to a night of magic and Metal. To learn more about the band visit:

Up next, a very strong and energetic performance by Melodic Heavy Metal band Paralysys who wowed the crowd with dueling guitars, Power vocals, and epic songs with strong lyrical themes such as "Liquid Vanity" that bravely confronts the
dark realities of alcoholism.  Towards the middle of their set, they brilliantly played Black Sabbath's "Neon Knights" which lead singer and bassist Emilio Martinez sang with great skill and energy. The band's influences include Nevermore, Alice In Chains, Dream Theater, and Metallica to name a few. The Paralysys lineup also includes the talents of Chris Dravend on guitars and backing vocals, Chris Hayes on
guitars, and Justin Hayes on drums and backing vocals. The band has released an
EP under the name Paralysis that contains six songs. To learn more about the
band visit:

Next in line, rambunctious rebel-rousers Thrash or Die assaulted the audience with a good ol' skull-crushing riot of Thrash, as their name so proudly advocates,
making sure to let the audience know that no posers would be tolerated. Fronted
by the hellishly charismatic Dr. Fukk, Thrash or Die captivated the audience with songs about evil fish, zombies, and of course, Thrash, to name a few of their themes. Their cover of Lord Tracy's "Piranha" kick started their mosh-inducing set and was a definite crowd pleaser. The band did a fine rendition of Black Sabbath's "Mob Rules." Also part of this Thrash-tastic lineup: Hellvomit Sodomizer on guitars, the incredibly speedy Darth Vodka on Drums, Triplesixxx Whoremangler on bass, and Mario on guitars. Thrash or Die is currently working on their first full-length album. To learn more about the band visit:

Bringing to a riveting end this night of homage, Dio tribute band Evil or Divine took control of the stage and shed a new light on Dio classics such as: Holy Diver, Heaven and Hell, Rainbow in the Dark, We Rock, and Time Machine to name a few. Lead singer, Paolo Velasquez awed the crowd with his incredible vocal prowess. On guitar, Mike Rivera (vocalist and guitarist of Ft. Lauderdale Thrash Metal band Saq) shredded away with great mastery and supplied strong vocal support in many songs. Also forming part of the talented lineup are Riff Raff members Robert "Gorilla" Koppisch on bass and Steve Dewy on drums. Guest
vocalist Diana Serra of Aghora was invited to the stage to sing "Sacred Heart" with both Mike and Paolo, and members of Saq later swapped places with Gorilla and Steve to perform Dio's "Killing the Dragon." The band played a diverse set of over a dozen tunes with a wonderful collection of photographs of the singer grazing the giant screen behind them. Evil or Divine did a tremendous job of rocking the house and of successfully choosing a great selection from Dio's rich musical legacy that
promised to leave the audience satisfied. A spectacular way to end this night of remembrance.

The Culture Room has been the setting for many a great show, from the most obscure bands to some of the most commercially successful. It is great to see a venue of such reputation support local talent and judging by this night's performances the talent in South Florida is outstanding and gives much to be proud of. Can't wait to hear more of Faethom, Paralysys, Thrash or Die, and Evil or Divine. Somewhere out there in the Heavy Metal cosmos Ronnie Dio is smiling and raising those Metal
horns in the air in that majestic way he did while on Earth because his legacy lives on in band's such as these, bands that although ranging in different styles have one powerful element in common in their music, that beautiful thing that is called METAL. Long live Dio and long live South Florida Metal!


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