Eden Weint Im Grab : Crowdfunding campaign, movie project and „Na(c)htodreise“ cover

Saturday 14 January 2017 - 19:56:36 by Hellsheimer

Berlin based metal band Eden Weint Im Grab is preparing the release of their new concept album „Na(c)htodreise“ behind the scenes. It will be released by Einheit Produktionen on March, 31st 2017. Recently the band started a crowdfunding campaign, to be able to produce an extraordinary video clip to one of the songs:

Eden Weint Im Grab will be supported by director Rainer ZIPP Fränzen (u.a. Atrocity, Faun, Leaves' Eyes, Dimmu Borgir etc.) again. Furthermore the band is working on a detailed movie, which documents the creation of „Na(c)htodreise“. It will be published online within the next week in several parts. As an appetizer Eden Weint Im Grab unveiled the cover artwork of the new album. It was painted by Nina Berger. The whole arwork will be kept in this minimalistic silhouette design and presets the band in a new way.

Web: www.edenweintimgrab.de

Source : http://www.einheit-produktionen.de/


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