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Kimaera, doom-death metal band, which is without any coyness described as "Lebanese ambassadors of Doom," made its first European appearance in Vizovice, Masters of Rock festival. The genre wasn't the only reason why the band was so outstanding. The quality of the music was a huge surprise for everyone there as well, and there's no better way to convince yourself that this band has a great potential than listening to their newest release, Solitary Impact. The founder, guitarist and vocalist JP Haddad was willing to answer few questions to present the band and tell about its further plans.

interview KimaeraFirst of all, could you present your music to someone who has never heard of you?
Emotional Instability through a passionate journey.

We fill you up with rage and intensity, then bring you down to wretchedness, or to a more soothing state. So you can say it is an original mix of the darkest genres of metal, that is not quite familiar or similar to the metal you listen to everyday.

Your European debut took place in the Czech Republic, Masters of Rock festival in Vizovice. How did you enjoy it there?
It was awesome. One hell of a festival, audience, and country! We will always remember it and cherish the times we spent there, especially that it was our first European show!

Czech is famous for its beer, pretty girls, and particularly Vizovice for slivovitz. Any comments about these
Well, hell yeah!!! Beer is awesome, the guys were having it for breakfast! They also brought bottles of Slivovitz back home, it is damn strong!

As for pretty girls, well, personally I think it was the next best thing after being on stage!!!

It is not usual that the organizers invite a band from such (at least for Europeans) exotic country. How did they find you or you found them?
They found us through Elia Msawwir ( who has been with the band for few months now, making the contacts and management for shows outside!

A big thank you for him!

Being modest is pointless here – the public loved your performance. So is there any chance to see you play in Europe in next months or year?
Actually there is a huge chance to play more than one show next year!!

MOR was just the beginning... so make sure to stay updated!

From all the Lebanese metal bands you made it the furthest of all. In your opinion what you have that the other bands from Lebanon or Middle East in general don't?
I’ll put it in another way. Many Lebane
interview Kimaerase and M. E. metal bands have great potentials, worked hard and deserve every chance to go international, and I’m sure they will grow bigger in the future.

As for KIMAERA, we have been around since 10 years, released two albums worldwide, ‘Ebony Veiled’ in 2006 and ‘Solitary Impact’ in 2010, with a European label Stygiancrypt that got excellent reviews in the international scene so far. We also produced and released our first official music video of the track ‘The Taste of Treason’ from the new album, band merchandise and already headlined a music festival in Tunis couple of years ago.

So we raised the bar way higher up to international standards if I may say, at least in the Lebanese metal scene and the surroundings, and that gave us the push we needed to make it that far, and this is just the beginning.

Speaking about Lebanon, I've heard that it's not that long time ago when metal music was illegal there. Is that true? Have you personally ever had any problems with it?
Not illegal, but at some point, few years back, it was oppressed! And the metalheads here had really tough times coping with the government’s ignorance about this kind of music. Fortunately, these days are over now.

Some changes in the band were happening lately. What is the current line-up right now and will it remain this way or are any other changes going to come?
That’s true... We have two different line ups now. The original line up who worked on the albums and currently recording the new one, and the other one with two new members that played in MOR, mainly for live shows. For now, it will remain this way, nothing is definite yet for the future, eventually we will do what’s best for KIMAERA before anything else.

Did the new members bring any new elements to the music you create?
Not to the music itself because the new members are live sessionists for now, we didn’t work on new material yet. But they did bring new blood and more energy to our performances and did a great job in a
interview Kimaera short period of time. They are very charismatic on stage and up to the level!

The themes in your music are mostly about love, betrayal, emptiness and so on. Are there any personal experiences behind your creation?
Definitely. Personal experiences have always been our main drive. They are projected in each song through both the music and lyrical themes... And that is needed when you make music as true and passionate as ours.

A great singer, Mona Bassil, appeared as a guest female vocalist on ‘Solitary Impact’. Can we look forward to hear her amazing singing on the next album as well?
Mona Bassil did a great job on ‘Solitary Impact’, and it was a pleasure having her as a guest. As for the new album, I doubt there would be any female vocals in it, except for one track, and our violinist Milia basically will handle that... yes, she can sing!

To sum up, year 2010, even though it's not over yet, has been very successful for you. But what are your main goals for 2011?
Third album, more touring in Europe... and hopefully another music video!

Your band has existed for ten years. I am sure there are many moments you are proud of, but is there anything you wish you could change?
You know, I’m not sure. Throughout the years we’ve had many setbacks, but it was never something we can control. But looking where we are now, I think we did it the right way, and we are proud of every single thing that led us here. Though if we were granted one wish, it would be moving to Europe and just focus on making metal music there, instead of having to live double lives here and barely have the time we want for playing music.

An obligatory question – what does spirit of metal mean to you?
Rebellion, passion and need.

Any words you'd like to send to your fans?
Love and respect!! We’ll keep bringing DOOM upon YOU... Darkest regards!!!
Interview done by Nastasia


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Aeternam - 19 October 2010: Un groupe de death/doom libanais très convaincant aux sonorités orientales, Solitary Impact est un album à ne pas manquer.
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