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    Blood Cult (Black Metal-USA) - Other name : ex-Zero
    0 Xíst (Dark Metal-Finland) - Other name : 0xíst, Zero Exist
    ZFL (Thrash Metal-USA) - Other name : Zero For Life
    Zero G (Heavy Metal-South-Korea)
    Zero.5A (Metal-Italy) - Other name : Z5A
    Zero3iete (Heavy Metal-Spain) - Other name : 037/LEO, 0.3.7.
    Z3r0c00l (Death Grind-USA) - Other name : ZeroCool
    Zeroed (Death Metal-Germany)
    Zerolose (Melodic Death-Austria) - Other name : 0-Lose
    Zeromind (Fusion-USA) - Other name : ex-Vile, ex-Ninth Lane
    Zeropoint (Atmospheric Death-France) - Other name : ex-Vacuum
    ZerOsum (Avantgardiste Black-USA)