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    Point One (Hard Rock-USA) - Other name : ex-Six Degrees
    6ft.Down (Alternative Metal-Japan) - Other name : Six Feet Down
    Boneset (Gothic Metal-Finland) - Other name : ex-Six Feet Seven Horns
    Six Ft Ditch (Hardcore-United-Kingdom) - Other name : 6 Feet Ditch
    Six Million Dead (Black Death-USA) - Other name : SMD, 6MD, ex-What Dark Creates
    6 Weapons (Hardcore-Chile) - Other name : Six Weapons
    SIX-R (Visual Kei-Japan)
    Sixes (Sludge Doom-USA)
    Sixpin (Alternative Metal-USA)
    Sixstitch (Industrial Metal-USA) - Other name : Butcher Jones
    16 (Sludge Metal-USA) - Other name : Sixteen
    XVI Eyes (Sludge Metal-Canada) - Other name : Sixteen Eyes
    6th Dimension (Thrash Metal-Czechia) - Other name : Sixth Dimension