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    SIN (GER) (Power Metal-Germany) - Other name : Somewhere Into Nowhere
    SIN (FRA-2) (Metal-France) - Other name : Symphony d'Idée Noire, ex-Sorrow Of Love
    Sin.teX (Industrial Electro-Czech-Republic)
    Sinah (Black Metal-Ukraine)
    Sinamore (Gothic Metal-Finland) - Other name : ex-Halflife
    Sinate (Thrash Death-New-Zealand)
    Sinawe (Heavy Metal-South-Korea)
    Sinaya (Death Thrash-Brazil)
    Since1889 (Visual Kei-Japan) - Other name : Since 1889
    Sincera (Black Death-Norway) - Other name : ex-Evening
    Sincerus (Progressive Death-Netherlands)
    Sindikate (Melodic Death-Germany) - Other name : ex-Cursed Life
    Sinthrone (Melodic Heavy-Finland) - Other name : ex-Sindroma
    Singra (Alternative Metal-Angola)
    Siniac (Symphonic Black-Macedonia)
    Sinister King (Progressive Heavy-Norway) - Other name : ex-Camp Loco
    Sinisthra (Gothic Metal-Finland) - Other name : ex-Nevergreen
    Sinity (Melodic Death-Finland)
    Sinix (Thrash Metal-Argentina)
    Sink (Drone-Finland)
    As Artifacts (Metalcore-USA) - Other name : AA, ex-Sink This Ship!
    Sinn (Crossover-France)
    Sinnergod (Alternative Metal-United-Kingdom)
    Sinners Paradise (Dark Metal-Sweden) - Other name : ex-Dragonfly, ex-Her Whisper, ex-Disconnected
    Deceivegod (Death Metal-Chile) - Other name : ex-Sinnersoul
    Trencadis (Dark Ambient-Sweden) - Other name : ex-Sinneskross
    Sinnrs (Melodic Black-Denmark)
    Sinnsyk (Progressive Metal-Brazil)
    Sinorma (Progressive Death-France)
    Sinphonia (Gothic Metal-Denmark) - Other name : ex-Anachorete
    Sintax (Thrash Metal-Israel)
    Sintech (Industrial Black-Germany)
    Sinuism (Metalcore-United-Kingdom)
    Sinus (Heavy Metal-Germany)