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    Seven Day Hunt (Progressive Power-Netherlands) - Other name : Egdon Heath
    Seven Ends (Death Thrash-Netherlands) - Other name : 7 Ends
    Seven Gods (Nu Metal-Italy) - Other name : Se7en God5
    Seven Sisters (Heavy Metal-United-Kingdom) - Other name : 7 Sisters
    So Contagious (Emo Metal-USA) - Other name : SC, ex-Seven Story Fall
    In The Name (Progressive Metal-Canada) - Other name : ex-Kingsbane, ex-Seven Years
    Seven7 (Progressive Metal-United-Kingdom)
    745 (Nu Metal-USA) - Other name : Sevenfofive
    Seven Sins (KAZ) (Symphonic Death Black-Kazakhstan) - Other name : 7Sins, SevenSins
    Sevenskies (Metalcore-Australia) - Other name : 7 Skies
    7's.m (Dark Ambient-Morocco) - Other name : Sevensm
    17thSun (Alternative Metal-USA) - Other name : 17th Sun, Seventeenth Sun
    Angel 7 (Thrash Death-Ukraine) - Other name : ex-Seventh Angel
    Seventh Army (Industrial Black-China) - Other name : 第七军
    7th Reign (Power Metal-Canada) - Other name : Seventh Reign
    SevenYearsDead (Metal-United-Kingdom) - Other name : Seven Years Dead, 7YD