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    ROT (GRC) (Nu Metal-Greece) - Other name : Rabid Outbreak Through
    Rota (Doom Black-USA)
    Rotem (Death Metal-Portugal)
    Rotgor (Death Metal-Czechia)
    Roth (Black Death-Canada)
    Rotten (FIN) (Death Grind-Finland) - Other name : ex-Rotten Rectum
    Rotten Cold (Porno Gore Grind-Austria) - Other name : Devastation
    Brutore (Brutal Death-Viêt-Nam) - Other name : ex-Rotten Fetus
    RIBBTAPOMN (Grindcore-Russia) - Other name : Rotten Imbeciles Burnt By Triple Anal Penetration Of Mother Nature
    Rotten Light (Black Metal-Spain) - Other name : ex-Ashes In The Void, ex-Life Is My Prison
    Maelström (NOR) (Death Metal-Norway) - Other name : Malstraum, ex-Rotting Maggots
    Rottingrex (Grindcore-Indonesia) - Other name : Rotting Rex