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    Kill 2 This (Industrial Metal-United-Kingdom) - Other name : Kill II This
    Killfor (Metalcore-Indonesia) - Other name : Kill 4
    Killkills (Alternative Metal-Japan) - Other name : Kill Kills
    Infernal Organs (Brutal Death-Indonesia) - Other name : ex-Kill The Bastard
    KVM (Black Metal-USA) - Other name : Kill Violate Mutilate
    Killbots (Heavy Rock-Belgium) - Other name : The Killbots
    KOBA (Metalcore-USA) - Other name : Killed Off By Animals
    Tokyo Blade (NWOBHM-United-Kingdom) - Other name : ex-Killer, ex-Genghis Khan
    Killer Hurts (Thrash Metal-United-Kingdom) - Other name : KH
    Killer Khan (Heavy Metal-USA) - Other name : ex-Holy Moses
    Brunette (Hard Rock-USA) - Other name : Killerhit
    Whipkraft (Indus Gothic-USA) - Other name : Killing Moon
    Killrape (Thrash Death-Brazil) - Other name : ex-Corrosive
    Killus (Industrial Metal-Spain)