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    Hell (HUN) (Black Metal-Hungary) - Other name : Wound
    Renegado (Thrash Heavy-El Salvador) - Other name : Hell
    Hell Church (Death Metal-Italy) - Other name : ex-Infernal Glasses
    Hell Goat (Metal-USA) - Other name : Black Summer Rain
    Hell Itself (Death Metal-Australia) - Other name : ex-And They Bled
    Hell Light (Death Doom-Brazil) - Other name : HellLight
    Victim Of Pain (Thrash Metal-USA) - Other name : VOP, ex-Hell On Earth
    Devastater (Metalcore-USA) - Other name : ex-Hell On Earth AD
    Hell:On (Thrash Death-Ukraine) - Other name : ex-Hellion
    Helland (Atmospheric Black-Norway)
    Hellavista (Thrash Metal-Austria) - Other name : Hellavista Asocial Club
    Starz (Hard Rock-USA) - Other name : ex-Hellcats
    Steel Wizard (Melodic Power-Norway) - Other name : Hellcommando
    Helldown (Thrash Metal-United-Kingdom)
    Heller (Thrash Metal-Serbia)
    Intra Tenebrae (Black Metal-United-Kingdom) - Other name : ex-Hellfire
    Helgard (Heavy Metal-Brazil) - Other name : Hellgard
    Hellhole (Atmospheric Black-Australia)
    Hellhound666 (Brutal Death Black-Germany) - Other name : H666, Höllenbestie
    Wyrd (Pagan Black-Finland) - Other name : Hellkult
    The Ninth Path (Black Dark-Australia) - Other name : The 9th Path, ex-Hellmaggot
    Helloween (Melodic Power-Germany) - Other name : ex-Gentry, ex-Iron Fist
    Hells Wrath (Thrash Black-Colombia) - Other name : Hells
    Hellsau (Industrial Metal-Switzerland)
    Hellsin (Melodic Heavy-Argentina)
    Hellwrath (Thrash Death-Italy) - Other name : ex-Dreadful Omen
    Hellyum (Technical Death-Czechia)