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    Anti Alice (Visual Kei-Japan) - Other name : ??????
    AntiGod Kult (Black Metal-Russia) - Other name : Anti God Kult
    Anti Icon (Metalcore-Belgium) - Other name : ex-Sense To Kill
    AMD (Hardcore-Hungary) - Other name : Anti Military Demonstrations
    Anti Society (Avantgardiste Black-Mexico) - Other name : Anti-Society
    ACxDC (Grindcore-USA) - Other name : Anti-Christ Demon Core
    Anti-R (Black Metal-Malaysia)
    Lilac (Hardcore-Sweden) - Other name : ex-Anti-Systematic
    Myst (TUR) (Heavy Metal-Turkey) - Other name : ex-Antidote, ex-Marvel
    Antigona (Progressive Heavy-Argentina)
    Antiht (Melodic Death-Thailand)
    Månegarm (Viking Black-Sweden) - Other name : ex-Antikrist
    Karochnos (Black Death-Netherlands) - Other name : Antinomus
    Antira (Black Metal-Belgium)
    Humalien (Death Metal-Romania) - Other name : Antiskorp
    Krvestreb (Black Metal-Turkey) - Other name : ex-Antitakva
    Antiyou (Black Metal-Netherlands)