Mark Mironov

Name Mark Mironov
Birth date 28 May 1989
Country Russia
City Moskva

Drummer Mark Mironov was born in the Neva River in 1989. Currently, he is one of the most talented and progressive young drummers. It has already become an endorser of the two firms - Peace and MasterWork.Passion for Mark, drums, began with a group Slipknot, under the impression their drummer (Joey Jordison), he fell in love with the drums and began to dream of live performances. However, he first sat down to install only the beginning of 2005. His father gave him a gift - arranged a meeting with drummer "Kish" (The King and the Clown).Despite his young age, he could become one of the best drummers, Russian DeathCore scene. Currently he is playing in groups, and My Autumn Autoscan. On his account for 6 full releases, namely the group accounts, in which he participated. Western music media also does not sidestep, the Russian discovery. Many major portals write articles about him, notes, or simply publish his videos. Its high-quality benefit, you can play modern extreme directions that are now mainstream. Not every ram may be a few years to learn that one of the most complex musical instruments .It also tells about his demand for his channel on YouTube, the number of subscribers who have already exceeded several tens of thousands of people.