Tim Blake

Name Tim Blake
Birth date 1952
Country United-Kingdom
City Unknown
  • Hawkwind

  • Working as a sound engineer in 1969, Tim Blake was the man who allowed Hawkwind to perform their first concert at All Saints Hall -London on August 29 1969. After a short, but intense time working with different groups in the London areae, Tim went to France, first to engineer for Gong, then to explore his own music with some of the first synthesisers around, In 1972, we see him back with Gong, playing the synths & Bb cornet, and helping to prepare the recording of Flying Teapot. After the demise of Gong, during the recording of Flying Teapot, Tim & saxophoniste Didier Malherbe, reformed the group with English guitarist Steve Hillage & French drummer , Pierre Moerlen. The group took off, and despite the re-intergration of the founder, Daevid Allen, Gong explored new horizons in psycedelic music, recording groun breaking records , Angel's Egg, and You, both leaning heavily on Blake , and Blake -Hillage compositions. Separating from Gong at the hight of it's career in 1975, Blake went on to perfect and produce his "Crystal Machine" shows, (http://www.timblake.fr.st/crystal_intro.html) releasing two albums - Crystal Machine & Blake's New Jerusalem-and presenting the show in france , europe and Japan. (http://www.timblake.fr.st//solo_albums.html)
    In 1979, Tim joined Hawkwind, intergrating the Crystal Machine show in a special spot in the Live '79 set. Hawkwind proceeded to write and record Levitation, but Tim and the band, split up at the beginning of the Levitation tour, after a misunderstanding. During the 80's Tim tried his hand at other ways of exploiting his technical -artistic know how, in radio, films and developing midi and audio production with computers, but the early '90s saw him releasing Magick, headling the UK Electronica Festival doing two USA tours. At the end of the '90s, Tim was in his Windmill studio, recording The Tide of the Century, before Tim joined-up with Hawkwind to prepare the Hawkestra project, and continued to performing with the Band taking time out to record the Caldea music album.. But in 2004, Blake escaped death in a highly serious car accident, that left him highly incapacitated for some time. After a gradual return to activity, Blake performed as series of shows with Jean-Philippe Rykiel Performing as Live Waterfalls in Space -the Music of Crystal Machine, including the Gong unconvention in Amsterdam in 2006. Playing the Eastern Haze festival, headlined by Hawkwind, Tim spent an astonishing night with Dave Brock. Hawkwind had an excellent keyboardist - Jason Stuart, but Dave, facinated by Tim's Ax playing told Tim "You know, when you were 17 (1969), you allways wanted to play lead guitar with Hawkwind - why don't you do it with that !" Since 2007, Tim and Hawkwind have been doing just that - with Tim playing standing a lot, a revenge on his terrible car accident, and 'Living the Dream' he had as a 17 years sound engineer ... Hawkwind Lives !

    Source : http://www.timblake.fr.st/hawkwind.html