Shawn Crahan

Name Shawn Crahan
Birth date 24 September 1969
Country USA
City Unknown

Shawn "Clown" Crahan, (born Michael Shawn Crahan on September 24, 1969), is an American musician, currently percussionist and member #6 in the band Slipknot and drummer for five-piece Indie band Dirty Little Rabbits.

He has a set of deeply tuned toms on which he provides backup (along with Chris Fehn) to the drumming of Joey Jordison.

Crahan says he had a happy youth. His parents financed Slipknot in the early days and he professes nothing but the utmost respect for them. In the early '90s, he had a drinking problem, exacerbated when he bought a Des Moines bar, "The Safari". Frustrated by the lack of success, he says he would have killed himself if he hadn't met his wife Chantal. "My saviour, my hero", he says. "She saved my life." - Q Magazine.

He also has two daughters and two sons, to which he says "I'm a perfect father and a fucking psychopath, okay? No contradiction."

Produced albums