Jay Paul Gordon

Name Jay Paul Gordon
Birth date 1967
Country USA
City Unknown
  • Orgy

  • Jay Paul Gordon (born January 30, 1967) is a musician and producer.

    Originally from the Excelsior District of San Francisco, California, Gordon is the vocalist in the synth-industrial band Orgy, which rose to prominence through their signing to Korn's fledgeling label, Elementree Records, their appearance on the first Family Values Tour, as well as due to mainstream reaction to their cover of New Order's signature song, Blue Monday. His enigmatic, glam-styled appearance and energetic stage presence have been major factors contributing to his popularity, turning him into a pop music pinup of sorts.

    Previous and Outside Projects
    He previously worked as a musician with the bands Lit and Deadsy, and had collaborated with a few other popular rock musicians on a project called The Wondergirls. He has collaborated with several musicians during his musical career such as Jonathan Davis of Korn and the bands Crazy Town, Coal Chamber, and Linkin Park. Most notably, he has worked extensively with Coal Chamber as the producer of their first self-titled album. Gordon and Coal Chamber's Meegs used to share an apartment before their respective bands grew in popularity. He is also the lead singer of the band Machine Gun Orchestra.

    He currently owns and runs the record label D-1 Music with his father Lou Gordon, from which he produced and released Punk Statik Paranoia, as well as releasing their DVD, Trans Global Spectacle DVD. Presently, Orgy is still an active band, although all members remain constantly busy with numerous side projects as well.