Hansi Kürsch Hans

Name Hans Hansi Kürsch
Birth date 10 August 1966
Country Germany
City Meerbusch

Hansi Kürsch 'was born on August 10, 1966, in the city of Lank-Latum currently Meerbusch, Germany. Under the influence of rock bands like Queen, Deep Purple and Genesis, Hansi was building his range of musical options.
As a teenager entered his first band, performer, guitar, and did some local gigs in Krefeld, Germany.
In 1984 in a commercial college he studied, he found André Olbrich, who played in a band called European at the time, who later changed his name to Zero Fault. It was then that Andrew was unhappy with the singer's Zero Fault and decided he wanted Hansi Kürsch the banda. They decided to once again change the name of the band and this time would not be the last, but it would be really glorious. Zero Fault, counting now with Hansi Kürsch, changes name to Lucifer's Heritage.
With a heavier sound and a more steady voice, Lucifer's Heritage won prestige in the underground scene in Germany. With Lucifer's Heirtage once mounted, André also gave some guitar lessons in the basement of the house, one of his students Thomen Stauch, was really remarkable, his lack of talent for the guitar was really impressive. A day in the basement of Andrew, where Lucifer's Heritage rehearsed, Thomen sat on drums and began to take some cool rhythms and really left Hansi and André surprised. After that Thomen began to apply the battery and its evolution was really fast and solid. Thus Blind Guardian was already taking body. After two demos of success with Lucifer's Heritage, the band changed their name to Blind Guardian.
The power of Hansi's voice and lyrics inspired by classic J. R. R. Tolkien became Blind Guardian currently one of the bands most successful and prestigious, with thousands of fans around the world.
Meanwhile Hansi married and had a son. Already in Blind Guardian Hansi played bass for five albums and then decided to dedicate himself to vocals only.
In mid-1999, Hansi was involved with a possible release of a new album for Blind Guardian, but in conversations with Jon Schaffer, ICED EARTH guitarist, agreed to do a project, and mix all their tastes and knowledge in a new sound, and this project was born Demons & Wizards. The project continues today, with the second album released in 2005.