Chris Pohl

Name Chris Pohl
Birth date 09 February 1972
Country Germany
City Berlin

Christian Pohl "Pohl Chris" (9 February 1972, Berlin-Kreuzberg) is a German musician.

It is the mind behind several projects, including: Blutengel, Terminal Choice, Tumor, Pain of Progress and Seelenkrank. In each maintains a different and unique style, so the range is pretty wide, sticking squarely in genres like electronic music.

But it does not stop there, as this unstoppable Berlin has also created its own label, Fear Section, which begins to bear fruit with CDs such as "No Consolation" Silent Assault Group, "Digitale Gewaltorgien" of Tr├╝mmerwelten, or collections "Sweet submission: Fear vol.1 section. " Pohl is one of the most prolific artists of late, and although one might think that given the speed with which they produce their work these are little work or even terrible, this is not the case since they are all very elaborate and have a high level

Produced albums