Anders Friden

Name Anders Friden
Birth date 25 March 1973
Country Sweden
City Göteborg

Anders Fridén (born 25 March 1973) is the vocalist/lyricist of the Swedish bands In Flames and Passenger.

Early career

Fridén was originally the drummer for Dark Tranquillity, but later became their lead vocalist. He performed on their debut album, but left the band soon after. Two years later he joined In Flames. Coincidentally Mikael Stanne had left In Flames (being only a session player) and switched from rhythm guitar to lead vocals in Dark Tranquillity, so the two effectively traded places. Anders was also the lead vocalist for another band known as Ceremonial Oath with founding father In Flames bandmate Jesper Strömblad.

1995-present: In Flames

Fridén started with In Flames on the 1995 album The Jester Race. On the album Whoracle, Niklas Sundin (of Dark Tranquillity) wrote the lyrics following the original synopsis by Fridén. On the 1999 album Colony, Fridén composed the lyrics himself, though Sundin still assisted by translating his lyrics from Swedish to English. His lyrics have evolved from abstract themes such as astrology and fantasy, to more personal endeavours such as depression and inner struggles.

He is also the vocalist for the band Passenger as a side project, but has stated recently that he now has very little time for the project, and it is on hold.

Fridén also has done guest vocals on the album The Phantom Novels, by the metal band Grievance. He is the lead vocalist on the tracks Atrocity Upon Deceptions, A Devil's Rhyme and The Mask of Sin. Although this album was recorded around the same time as In Flames' 2002 album Reroute to Remain, Anders uses his earlier death growl vocal style rather than the high pitched growls he has currently been using.
In 2007 Fridén appeared as a guest vocalist on the Japanese bonus track "See the Falling Sky" on Caliban's 2007 album "The Awakening". As well as providing vocals for the track "Dysfunctional Hours" for the 20th anniversary Nuclear Blast Allstars compilation album, Out of the Dark.

His look changed dramatically following the release of In Flames 2002 release Reroute to Remain. His previously clean-shaven look was replaced with a beard, and his long hair was put into dreadlocks. His vocal style has also changed, especially on the past three records. His low-tone, harsh death growl has evolved into a higher pitched scream, which is now supplemented by clean vocals and layers of backing vocals.

In addition to being a vocalist, Fridén is also a producer, with his most recent efforts being the albums: The Undying Darkness by the band Caliban in 2006 and Absolute Design by the band Engel in 2007.

He also co-wrote and performed scream vocals on the song "Self Versus Self", which appears on the third album of UK/Australian drum and bass band Pendulum alongside his bandmates Björn Gelotte and Peter Iwers.

More recently in the Summer of 2010, Fridén changed his appearance again by taking the decision to cut off his dreadlocks which he had grown since the release of Reroute to Remain.

Family life

He has a daughter named Agnes and a son named Edwin with Helena Lindsjö, his wife. He also has a younger brother named Magnus who is seen in "The Quiet Place" studio recording session.

Hobbies and interests

Anders is known to watch many DVDs. His favourite quote is, "The one with the most DVDs when you die, wins."

Anders is also an avid whisky collector. In an interview with Metal Hammer, he spoke about how over the years he has acquired a taste for fine whisky, and how "it's stupid to get drunk on fine whisky, there's other stuff for that."

He is a supporter of the Swedish football club IFK Göteborg.

Produced albums