New Releases >> ONI (AUS) | Incantation Superstition LP | Due NOV-2022
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Monday 06 June 2022 - 07:54:40

***RELEASE ANNOUNCEMENT SoAR-001*** It is with great pleasure, in what we hope is the first of many excavations of past Australian Extreme Metal classics, to announce – ONI - Incantation Superstition; Oriental infused Dark and Brutal Australian Death Metal served on 12” Vinyl for the first time.

Emetic, twisted scriptures of Tsun Tzu (Art of War) and the Book of 5 Rings. Compositions of unfettered insanity interwoven through unwieldy spasms of anguished malevolence. This is hell. This is ONI.

Between 1999 and 2003 ONI was given life by virtue of a four-piece dark and brutal Death Metal band, comprising members of past and present Adelaide luminaries such as TzunTzu, Beyond Mortal Dreams, Martire, and Darklord.

ONI combined oriental influences with dark, brooding and highly proficient Death Metal ferocity. By the cessation of ONI’s life, they had produced 8 tracks over three assorted releases and contributed to several compilations.

It is with honour, Sphere of Apparition Records can present ONI - Incantation Superstition, dealt on 150 copies of 12” traditional black Vinyl. The release serves as a 32-minute compendium of their catalogue and includes a cover of Slayer’s Altar of Sacrifice.

Mastered by Ignis Fatuus (Impetuous Ritual / Portal / Grave Upheaval) the sound has maintained the original, nostalgic sonority from the early 2000’s.

Meanwhile, new artwork has been furnished by Pahl Hodgson and includes a montage of assorted band photos and fliers which act as part of the inlay component.

ONI has risen and hell...shall denied!

Pre-Orders Commence: 17-SEPT-2022.



A Hint of what's to come:


Thursday 22 September 2022 - 05:30:16
Test pressings for the ONI compendium LP – Incantation Superstition – arrived a couple weeks ago and have been signed off by all. It sounds utterly crushing.
Unfortunately, pressing plant congestion has pushed the project back. As each week passes, the ETA from the plant inches further into the New Year. We anticipate we will not have physical copies in our hands and ready to ship until possibly FEB/MAR-2023. Initially we slated pre-orders for 17-SEPT-2022 with a NOV-2022 release. These dates are therefore rescinded and new dates will be set in the near future.
We apologize for the delay and any disappointment this may have caused. We hope to off-set this disappointment however with some additions to compliment the release which we will announce in the future.