Save Our Souls (USA-2) : SOS announced new EP in January 2011 and ranked on first place at Smashsong

Sonntag 12 Dezember 2010 - 23:15:56 by Jan91

American Post hardcore/Alternative rock band Save Our Souls announced that their new release will be a EP which is consisting out of 7 brand new tracks. Singer George William slated the release date on January 2011.

The tracklist, the cover and the EPs name are unknown at the moment but singer George William announced at their Facebook page working on new songs. They're now preparing to record them.

Save Our Souls joined Smashsongs 5k contest where their Song Hard to Be Human ranked on first place. The winner will be checked for their commercial potential by Kevin "Chief" Zaruk who worked together with bands like Hinder, Nickelback and Farber Drive and will be promoted to one of the big recording labels. The contest will end on the 28th January next year.

George William announced that the band will upload two songs of their last album Hard to Be Human for free download on their new profile. Which two songs he will upload are unknown at the moment.

Last but not least Save Our Souls announced that the concerts on 12th December at The Mints (Los Angeles) and two days later at Harpers (Tarzana/California) will be their last shows for this year. Last show is a entrance-free show!!! For more information please contact the band under The band announced concerts in Germany which they planned for the next years.


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