Of Ice, featuring former Iced Earth members, release lyric video "Wake Up"

Dienstag 20 September 2022 - 18:13:44 by DrStein

Of Ice is a thrash / U.S. Power Metal project created by Stephen Kern. His idea was to simply honor one of his favorite bands, Iced Earth. The music is original, but Stephen wanted to grab that similar sound, and also incorporate Ice in the project name. His vision was to gather Iced Earth members on it, shining the light on everything to do with Iced Earth.

Gene Adam (Iced Earth 1985-1991) is on vocals and Freddie Vidales (Iced Earth 2008-2012) is on bass. The lyrics to "Wake Up" were written by Gene. They are against the media, causing so much division in the world (they love their ratings / stirring up problems). The cover art was done by Jeremiah S. Morgan. His drawing shows Gene and Freddie trying to help a media watchin' brainwashed person from being controlled. Wake up!


Source : https://www.youtube.com/metalism


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