Resilience : Reveals new album details, offers new single free download

礼拜四 14 八月 2014 - 18:46:53 by Pirosaint

Chilean heavy Metal band Resilience HAS released its first single called "Libertad En Mi Piel" ("Freedom on my skin"), in support of its upcoming album "Lo Que El Fuego Se LLevo" ("Gone by the fire") that will be released in North America via Digmetalworld Records (this release comes with an extra track).

Download / Stream the track ‘Libertad En Mi Piel’ on the following link:

The album ‘Lo Que El Fuego Se LLevo’ was produced by VELATTORE’s guitar player and founder Marcelo Oyanedel, recorded at Merlet Studios, ValparaÌso, Chile. Mastered at Imperial Lion Studios, Santiago, Chile by Ricardo Martinez. Artwork designed by Daniela Reyes Marchant under the concept of Marcelo Oyanedel.

The project Resilience started in 2002 and includes a large number of guest musicians. The whole idea was to create a sound in the vein of Edguy, Warcry and Hammerfall. More information about the Pre-Sale will be release in a few weeks. See the list of guest musicians below:

- Pamela Vargas (vocals), NOCTUS
- Nasson (vocals), INFERIS
- Eric Galdyanz (vocals), Ex ENGRAVE/CATHALEPSY/ALQUIMIA
- Bruno Lavin (vocals), Ex – Keyboardist CATHALEPSY
- Ricardo Lauria (vocals), Keyboardist HELLANGELS
- Ricardo Martinez (guitar), NEOGENESIS
- Cristian Gonzalez (Drums), INFERIS

The track list reads as follow:

1. Libertad en mi Piel
2. Los Ultimos Versos
3. La Puerta Interior
4. Con cada Atardecer
5. Despertar
6. Mi Nueva Voz
7. Lo que el Fuego se llevÛ
8. La Fe de los Caidos
9. Algo en que Creer

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