Pirosaint : Part ways with singer, seek replacement

礼拜一 21 一月 2013 - 21:10:12 by Pirosaint

Pirosaint have announced that their vocalist, Nick Scandiffio, left the band. Scandiffio joined the band in November 2012 to replace original frontman, Gonzalo Rodriguez.

Drummer Ignacio Orellana explains:
"Unfortunately he was offered a better option for its future (a work offer) so, he won't be available for the band's recording schedule. We are currently finishing the recordings of the instrument tracks for our new mini EP album and as a band, Pirosaint has always been about moving forward, no matter what obstacles present themselves and are eagerly beginning the search for a new vocalist immediately."

More information on its official website (www.pirosaint.com) or its official Facebook (www.facebook.com/pirosaint)

Source : Digmetalworld Records