Pirosaint : Announces new singer

礼拜五 20 七月 2012 - 19:51:07 by Pirosaint

Thrash Metal band Pirosaint have announced the addition of Billy Cunningham (former NJ's Warhorse) as their new vocalist. Currently the band is recording 5 tracks for the upcoming EP album that will be named simply "Pirosaint", the promo track will be release in a few weeks.

Drummer Ignacio Orellana has commented on the vocalist's addition:

"Now that we have found Billy C., everything is going to be easier, we already had some tracks ready to be worked on, we supposed to have guest musicians on those tracks but now is a whole new story. Billy C. has been great and he is a great fit for our music. The people will get to hear PIROSAINT's live shows, exactly the way that we do on the records."

For all more information, please visit its official page on Facebook:


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