Mercenary (DK) : Mercenary Reveal Artwork, Tracklisting And New Logo

礼拜天 30 一月 2011 - 19:22:02 by MothandMoon

Mercenary have Unveiled the cover-to-be for their new album
Metamorphosis, out on March 28th.  Together with the cover, the band not
only revealed tracklisting and a new logo, but also a new outlook as
they explain:"There's
of course a lot of obvious (and indeed slightly cheesy)
self-referential symbolism regarding the Rebirth of the band in the
cover artwork. But apart from that we felt that the motive of a phoenix
was a really fitting expression of many of René's lyrical themes on the
album, as they deal with personal and existential Crisis, overcoming
personal obstacles and how we can sometimes redefine ourselves in the
proces of taking responsibility for altering the conditions of our very
the same day the Danes release Metamorphosis, they begin the Power Of
Metal tour with Symphony X, Nevermore, Psychotic Waltz and Thaurorod.
The track listing of Metamorphosis is as follows:
1 - Through the Eyes of the Devil
2 - The Follower
3 - In a River of Madness
4 - Memoria
5 - Velvet Lies
6 - In Bloodred Shades
7 - Shades of Grey
8 - On the Edge Of Sanity
9 – The Black Brigade
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