Shape of Despair (VO)

interview Shape Of Despair

1) Could you tell us what is your conception of life ? You seem so depressed…
Life sucks!we just kill some time before we die.


2) After three albums, what is your feeling about how your philosophy evolved ?
I think its more about growing up and figure the things surround you while you have found your self first.

3) Your music sounds very romantic, is that part of a depressing vision of this century ?
Depression is romantic mood.theres not so many nice things happening around these days,and offcourse it effects our expressions.

4) What was the message you wanted to leave in “Illusion’s Play” ?
Illusion is a life code,you cant really trust anything else exept your own imagination.

5) Why choosing this album name “Illusion

interview Shape Of Despair217;s Play”, it’s very enigmatic…
It rises above!

6) Beauty and sadness. That’s how I would sum up your music. Does it correspond to what you want to put in it ?
Yes,this all is about emotions of gloomy moments of life that seems to continue forever!But still making this music makes you feel better.

7) What are your inspiration sources ?
Our music is like a suiside note,so when you feel down it starts to becume out in form of doom!

8) The music you write sounds very Classical Music. Do you have a favourite artist in that period ?
I dont know about jake,but personally i preciate the music of Sibelius and Wagner.


9) We had to wait for three years between “Angels of Distress” and “Illusion’s Play”, and t

interview Shape Of Despairhe album was announced for the beginning of the year. Did you have problems to make it ?
No,not really we just dont want to hasitate with our doings,and theres allso a reason for booking studio once in a while becuse of other bands that we have.

10) Would you like to describe shortly the cover of "Illusion’s Play"? Do you think Cover Art is important for a disc ?
Covers are important personally im very happy with all our covers, it represents very well our style of music.

11) Before the last question, please tell us what’s for you the Spirit of Metal ?
The spirit of metal is to raise your hand from the sea of sorrow and scream your depression out!!!!!

13) Last words are yours ! Thanks for your time !
Its eternal night, forget the dawn!it wont never rise.

Interview done by Spirit of Metal - Nattskog

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