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Gathering last summer to jam as a trio for the first time in over a decade, the treasured threesome quickly rekindled the magic that originally united and ultimately bound the musicians on a journey that today continues to impress both fans and critics. It is the efforts of this line-up that Decibel Magazine recently called a crucial stylistic linchpin in the bridge between metal and punk. Corrosion of Conformity irrevocably reshaped crossover's sonic possibilities.C.O.C. weren't following any trends. They just incorporated all the things they liked about thrash, punk and 70s metal originators Black Sabbath into their constantly evolving sound. It secured them artistic and commercial credibility. Formed in Raleigh, North Carolina in 1982, Corrosion of Conformity quickly transformed heavy music. Politically charged and socially aware, the band has influenced countless others and today remains humble about their accomplishments. With over 1.1 million albums sold in the United States alone, the new album will be their first since 2005's In the Arms of God. On release, Billboard Magazine called the album a riff-fueled set that ranks with (the band's) best work.

interview Corrosion Of ConformityHey Reed!! Great to talk with you! Thank you so much for doing this interview with me!How are you?
Anytime!! You know, I'm doing great. The sun is shining, it's a beautiful day out. I can't complain.

Awesome, can you tell us a little bit about the new album that's coming out?
Sure! Awhile back I ran into a good buddy of mine, Dave Grohl which really turned out to be a blessing. It was funny, they did a SNL skit a little while where they played this cheesy wedding band called Crisis of Conformity which turned to be pretty funny. A couple days after that I ran into him at a show and he was super excited to see me, telling me I was one of the reasons he became a drummer. I knew him way back when when he was in Dain Bramage. So i was telling him how we were getting ready to do a new album and he immediately invited us to record it at his studio. Which turned out to be really, really cool.

That's so cool! What can fans expect to hear on this album?
I think fans will be really happy with it. There's a little bit of everything on it. The metal fans will be stoked with it, the punk fans will be stoked with it. The fans who are into that slugy doom rock will be really into it. I think everyone will be really happy with it.

Absolutely, I think it's fantastic. It does have that metal and punk influence but still owns that classsic, raunchy C.O.C sound.
oh cool, thank you, i really appreciate that! Yeah, we started out as punk listening to bands like Circle jerks, Black Flag, Minor Threat, the Germs. I think we're the only band that can say they toured with Metallica AND Black Flag!

That's true, I don't think anyone can say that!
Exactly, we've gotten to that place where we can pretty much play whatever the fuck we want (laughs).

interview Corrosion Of Conformityor="#CCCCCC">So I didn't hear Pepper on the album but will you be doing some shows with him in the future?
Yeah, no Pepper on the album, he's been pretty busy but we'd definitely love to do some shows with him soon!

So what bands did you listen to growing up?
What kind of bands did I listen to? alot of punk bands like Minor Threat, Bad Brains, of course Black Flag, Void but also the classic metal like Dio, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden all that stuff. The D.C. had such a vibrant scene back then there was so much going on it was great. So what bands did you listen to growing up?

I grew up on classic rock with my parents like Led zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Eagles that kind of stuff. But my brother started listening to the greats like Priest, maiden, Dio and he would record them on cassettes and let me have them so i could listen to them so I started getting into all the metal bands like W.A.S.P, Maiden, Metallica and it slowly progressed onto thrash and death metal bands. But I also listened to a lot of punk when i was in high school like Monor Threat, Black Flag, Ramones, Dead Kennedys.
Ok, Cool, so it sounds like we both grew up listening to the same kind of music. That's awesome!

Definitely! I remember going to parking lot parties back in the day where there'd be a band playing in a club parking lot, ot apartment complex or somebody's backyard or whereever they could set up. There'd be like 40-50 people just showing up with a six pack of beer and stoked to listen to some great music. it was always a blast!
Exactly, that's how it was for me too! Those were great memories. i was doing a lot of promotion for locakl bands cause I had a xerox machine so I'd copy everybody's fliers and post them up. It was such a different scene back then. It was great.

Definitely, it was really cool.So what was the thoug
interview Corrosion Of Conformityht process of getting C.O.C back together?
Well, for awhile my back was really messed up and had been spending alot of time seeing different doctors about it. my family was really supportive of me and helped me out but being in a ban is like being in a marriage. You may split up for awhile, we ,wer kind of bummed at each other for awhile but then you just kiss and make up and that's how it was for us. It was so normal to start jamming again. Pepper was still busy doing his Down thing but were kind of curious to see if people still wanted to see us so we just decided to do it. i love Mike and Woody and it was very normal and fun.

That' awesome. Not a lot of bands can do that. I don't know if it's an ego thing but some bands aren't able to kiss and make up like that.
Right, that's true. There was a really great moment when an interviewer asked us what the biggest difference about C.O.C being together now and Woody said: "It's Reed. We couldn't be a band without Reed coming back". That kind of brought a tear to my eye, that was really cool.

That's awesome. It's so great to see you guys back together! What are some of your plans as far as touring?
Definitely going to be touring. You know it might be in month spurts because of everyone's schedule but definitely want to get some tours going!

Awesome! Let me know if there's anything I can do to get you over to Hawaii, I'd love to see you guys!
Oh man, we'd love to play Hawaii, absolutely! We definitely have to do that one day!

Yes! Ok, so any words for your fans
Absolutely, get ready cause this is a big one. DEATH TO FALSE MTAL!! (starts laughing)

(laughing) Nice!! Thank you so much Reed, it was great talking with you!
Anytime, it was great talking with you Kate! Take care!

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