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Hi, Thanks for take time to answer to this interview. Can we begin with a biography of your group?
Hi, Død started the band in 1998 when he found drummer Freddy. Tchort joined on guitar immediately after this. A year after bass player Erlend was recruited and finally Flemming joined on vocals. A demo was released in 2000, which led to a deal with Hammerheart Records. They released our two first albums. Then, we signed to Earache, which now are releasing our third and by far best album, Altered Genesis, in February 21st.


Could you explain the Altered genesis’s conception? What about the new songs and the recording process.
There’s no other conception than making killer death metal and lyrics that fit with the package. The new album has a perfect production. The material is a bit more intense than before, but the head spinning riffs are still there and better than ever! We had some difficulties throughout the recording process, but we sorted them out, and worked real fast!


What inspire you for the lyrics and for the music?
I only write the music for my songs, so basically listening to great music and just jammin’ with my guitar. I often get inspired when I’ve been to a concert or haven’t played guitar for a while…


How do you describe your music? I think your music is a mixture of new Death metal and old school Death metal isn’t it?
That’s quite right. Some of us are into the old fashioned death metal style, but we also like some of the modern extreme elements brought into death metal. Nevertheless, I think we’ve found our own sound in some way. We’re not concerned about only playing fast, so we have some real head spinning killer riffs all over!


Looking back on your past what regards do you have about the discography of your group?
I’m not sure what you mean, but I’m proud of all our releases. But I really would like to re-record the Affiliated With The Suffering album with an improved production. The songs are excellent death tunes, but the sound is pretty bad. But we learn from our mistakes, and I can only recommend all our albums!


interview Blood Red Throne>

How did you decide to recorded the new album in DUB studio?
DUB studio is the only professional recording studio when it comes to metal in our hometown. We’ve done a bunch of recordings there before, so we know what to get. I don’t know in the future, but having families, jobs and son on, makes it easier working in a studio close to home…


We haven’t a lot of informations about the others members of Blood red Throne. Can you briefly present the others members please?
Død: live guitarist in Satyricon between 1996-1999. Started Scariot in 1997, which is still alive. Plays power/thrash metal ala Testament/Nevermore. Fourth album is out before summertime. Also working on a new project called, Domination, which will be extremely groovy powermetal ala Pantera! I also released an excellent album, Meat Hook Ballet, with the blackthrash project, Cobolt 60, which Mr.Hustler also was the second half of.
Erlend C: extremely skilled bass player that’s been involved in tons of bands and projects. His main band besides BRT, is The Allseeing I, which plays intricate and very technical death metal.

Mr.Hustler: played the drums and did the vocals on Meat Hook Ballet by Cobolt 60. Quite cool drummer, but wanted to focus on his job and his vocal work in BRT.

You come from Norway where the Black metal scene is very big while the Death metal scene is practically nonexistent. What do you think about the Norway’s death metal scene?
We have some cool death metal bands here, and they keep coming. Norway’s famous for its legendary black metal scene, but to us it just feels right to play death metal…


For you, what is the definition of the Death metal?
Nowadays, you have some real fast playing bands, and I just like to call those bands extreme metal. Anyway, speaking of death metal, I keep thinking of my fave band Death, and the world’s greatest album Human. Death metal to me is the debut of Gorguts, all Cannibal Corpse releases, old Malevolent Creation and tons of other bands. I like it extreme, but there’s nothing like the early 90’s death metal era. Lots of double bass drums and the killer atmosphere from back then…<

interview Blood Red Throne/p>


Tchort plays in two others big bands (Carpathian Forest and Green Carnation). Isn’t to hard to work with him because he must have a full timetable.
Haha, he’s not the only one, though he’s a pretty occupied man. I have two other bands myself, a job, two kids, house, car and everything. Our singer lives far away, constantly working, so we’re all quite busy. But it works fine. We don’t have to practise that much before entering studio or doing live shows…


What are the bands that you enjoy the most?
A thousand bands, but Death, Pantera, Meshuggah, Joe Satriani are my absolute favourites…


Do you have book some shows? Can we hope to see you in France?
We’re supposed to support Malevolent Creation this spring, so we’ll see. Just check our website for info. We did play in Paris at the Locomotives on our last tour, and that was one of the cooler places to play!


You are signed by Earache records who is a great big international label. Are you personnaly satisfied by their work?
It’s a bit early to say, but I believe they have confidence in the band and they will do their best to promote us. Naturally, it’s awesome to be signed on this legendary label, which has released some of our favourite bands…


And now what is your project?
Like I told, Scariot is my other main band, and a new killer album is on its way! I’m also working on a real groovy band called Domination, so watch out for that name!


And, to finish, could you explain to us, your vision about the “spirit of metal”?
Metal is simply about doing your own thing, and don’t give a fuck about the rest. It’s a unique style and we’re always trying to improve ourselves as song writers!


Thanks for your precious time, last words are yours.
Thanks yourself. Cool interview. Fans of old school and/or modern death metal, will most certainly find BRT interesting. We offer quality, brutality and groove at the same time. Check our website @ and meanwhile; stay heavy!


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