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Imet that Spanish band after a show and the very friendly Bella give us a nice interview. Muchos gracias Bella

interview AntalgiaBuenos dias Antalgia, would you like to introduce you ?
Hello everyone! My name is Bella Diánez, and I am the lead singer of the Progressive Metal Band Antalgia. It is a pleasure to answer all of your questions.

How could you describe you musical style ?
Describing our music is quite complicated because every member in the band provides different things, owed to our different music influences. If I had to define our music, I would say it is a combination of progressive and sinfonic style.

Why did you choose metal ?
Well, that happened a long tome ago. My father played guitar and I grew up listening to Sinfonic Rock and Heavy Metal bands. I always was clear about my musical preferences, but I listen to any kind of music style if it is good enough and gives me a good vibe.

Could you tell us about your first album ?
"Perception of reality" is an album created with care. When we recorded the album, we discovered lots of emotions flowing through each song. Every song and its melody was filled with messages of strength and hope. We wanted a straight album, to get to the people´s heart. We are o happy to corfirm the great reception of our album. It is a wonderful reward for all the months of hard work

A lot of people think that now, there is too many front-woman bands; what should be your answer to theim?
To be honest, it seems so funny to me because of the great amount of bands with a man as lead singer. And even most of these bands are a copy of other succesful bands that in the end, can´t offer anything new to the audience. That´s why only a few express their opinion. I think there´s room for all os uf in the Metal Rock scene, no matter what you are, man or woman. This is all about comunication with the public thru your music, doing it well while being on stage. Being a man or a woman has nothing to do with that.

You were on tour with Therion, how has it started ?
When our manager received from us the demo of "Percepcion of Reality", he directly offered us to suppor
interview Antalgiat Therion on their European tour. It was such a crazy thing from that moment on. We couldn´t believe it, but it was for real and we were a part of the same boat.

And after your european tour with Elyose and Therion, what do you recieved as experiment, feelings...?

It was a real test for us, but we didn´t know what we were going ot find, beacuse we didn´t count the support and friendship of the people involved in this tour. We made good friends with both bands Eloyse and Therion. There's a great bond of friendship between us. During the Tour we have cultivated bonds of friendship with Therion, they are a great band and very good friends, and we keep in touch as much as we can. We have shared unforgettable moments with them, moments filled up with their support and love when we needed it. It has been one of the most incredible experiences of our lives. One month later, we are still getting used to the daily life and can´t wait to go on Tour once again!

How was the audience with you during your shows ?
Words can´t express the feelings we had in every show. We never stopped feeling the warmth of the people whether it was a crowd or not , even when being a new coming band. The audience made us feel big on stage and If we are so full of energy right now, it is just becasue of them. They gave us the strenght to keep on writing songs, playing live in every city and sharing our music with them one again, because our music is theirs now, too.

Your best memories ?
My best memory, as well as my band partners´, is the great feed-back we had with the audience. We could see all those people in every concert, get to meet them, take pictures with them, sign our CD for them and receive all of their gratitude with every "Thank you so much and hope to see you soon". But last but not least, the daily coexistence with the band Therion was awesome. I have beautiful memories of all the moments we shared with them that I won´t ever forget.

...and the worst ?
The worst thing about the Tour was not having a comfortable bed to lie down (laughs) and the neverending roa
interview Antalgiads, but is was not a dramatic situation at all. Even in the hardest moments we always found different reasons to feel lucky about what we were linving at that moment, so we could feel nothing but happiness.

Do you have new project now ?

By the end of this year, we will be playing live in December in Spain. Once 2012 is over, we will get in the studio to compose the new album. If everything is ok, we will record the new album at MevaH Studios, under the technical supervision and direction of our guitarist, composer and producer Igna Jover.

Who writte the music and lyrics ? And where do you find your inspiration ?

Our music is mainly composed by Igna, but actually he is a such a open-minded musician that accepts and offers new music proposals and ideas. Each member of the band contribute with their instruments, and in my case I offer new options with my voice and lyrics, although the rest of the members contribute to the creation of the lyrics too.

What about a "spain metal tour"..for example with you and other bands like Dark Moor...Diabulus in Musica ? Good ideas or not ?
A spanish tour would be perfect. We would love that.I wish we had the chance to play live in our country, but the economic situation is not so easy right now, so it is not only our decision. We play wherever we can, no matter how many roads we drive. We are open to new deals

If I was a magician (sorry, I'm not) what should be your wishes for the band ?
If I was a wizard, I would wish to play and play and play live as long as we could, and also wish that everything was as good as it is now and that we can pass good feelings on due to our music. I guess I wish the same things as other bands.

And could you tell us about your 5 favorites albums?
My five favourite albums are:

Dream Theater (A Dramatic Turn of Events)

Circus Maximus (Nine)

Delain (We Are The Others)

Lamb Of God (Resolution)

Devin Townsend (Epicloud)

Muchos gracias Bella

Interview done by xavier74

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