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传记 : Parkway Drive

It would be a crime to classify Parkway Drive as simply another band to alloy Hardcore and metal genres into a sound more parody than paragon. Basically because, they do it with a passion that will make you feel like you've been kicked in the throat. Come to think of it, if you've been lucky enough to see them live, you probably have been. Originating from the small coastal town of Byron Bay, the band, citing influences such as Unearth, Bleeding Through, and Evergreen Terrace, have rapidly accumulated an enviably loyal fanbase Australia-wide and have been attributed as the main cause of the flourishing Byron Bay Hardcore scene. It is not difficult to see why after hearing their success in the flawless convergence between the intensity of hardcore and the intricacies of metal, a fact that is nowhere more apparent than when bearing witness to their live presence. All members pride themselves on an onslaught executed through unrestrained energy and relentless sensory violence. You would be forgiven for thinking that this ferocity could not translate equally into recordings, but you would be wrong. In the short time since the band's inception Parkway Drive have managed not only to release a split CD with Adelaide's I Killed The Prom Queen, and be part of a seminal showcase of Byron Bay hardcore in the compilation "What We've Built", but have also completed a debut EP that has the capacity to bludgeon anything preceding it into insignificance. "Don't Close Your Eyes", out now on Resist Records is a feat of irrepressible lyrical and musical force, and does well to lay testament to a band that have their best years ahead of them.

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