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传记 : Paradox (GER)

PARADOX from Würzburg in southern Germany was founded by CHARLY STEINHAUER (v,g) and AXEL BLAHA (dr) in 1986. Both founding members played together in some other bands (“Overkill”, “Poison”, “Maniac”, “Warhead”) before since 1981.

MARKUS SPYTH (g) and ROLAND STAHL (b) joined the band in February 1986.

A demo-tape was recorded in July 1986 which caused the attention of ROADRUNNER RECORDS who signed the band November 1986 to a worldwide record-deal.

The second demo (“Mystery”/Feb. 1987) was elected “Demo of the year” by the press and the song “PRAY TO THE GODZ OF WRATH” was the opener song of the Sampler TEUTONIC INVASION PART 1.

The debut album “Product of Imagination” was recorded in May 1987 at KALLE TRAPP´s Karo Studio in Münster to be released worldwide by ROADRUNNER RECORDS October 1987.

“Product of Imagination” received overwhelming worldwide positive press. It was voted “LP of the month” in Rock Hard, METAL HAMMER (“…best german debut since Helloween…”), highest scores from japanese BURRN, the english KERRANG (“…here they are…the new Metallica…”), BRAVO, MUSIKEREYPRESS, e.a., so that PARADOX achieved the repution as “Newcomer Nr. 1 from Germany”.

In the ROCK HARD yearly reader´s poll PARADOX was voted in the category “best german band” after the veterans SCORPIONS and ACCEPT, further as “international newcomer of the year 1987” and “most hopeful national band 1988”.

Numerous live-shows in Europe followed (e.g. with DRIFTER, TANKARD, OVERKILL, HELLOWEEN) and the band was highly acclaimed at festival-gigs at “DYNAMO OPEN AIR 88” in Eindhoven (NL – 22.000 metalheads) and “FESTA AVANTE” in Lissabon (POR).

ROLAND STAHL left the band Oktober 1988 due to job-related reasons and was replaced by MATTHIAS “KATER” SCHMITT. DIETER ROTH (g) joined the band for MARKUS SPYTH, who left the band December 1988.

PARADOX started recording the second album “Heresy” in January 1989 at HARRIS JOHNS` “Music-Lab”-studio in Berlin, which was then released worldwide by ROADRUNNER RECORDS November 1989.

“Heresy” worked out great success especially in JAPAN and the album was charted from 0 to 8 in the “BURRN charts” (as best german entry).

In Germany as well as all over Europe (especially Greece and Italy) the press was full of praise for the album.

KAI PASEMANN (g) joined the band November 1989 for studio-guitarist DIETER ROTH, but a while after the band was put on hold for many years due to unpopular decisions and more changes in the lineup and differences with the label…

After almost ten years the interest of labels initiated CHARLY STEINHAUER to reactivate PARADOX with KAI PASEMANN, OLIVER HOLZWARTH (SIEGES EVEN, BLIND GUARDIAN) (b) and ALEX HOLZWARTH (SIEGES EVEN, RHAPSODY, ANGRA) (dr).

August 1999 the band started with a furious comeback at “WACKEN OPEN AIR” and in November 1999 the recordings for the 3rd album “COLLISION COURSE” began with producer ANDY CLASSEN.

In May 2000 PARADOX were signed by AFM-RECORDS, who released “COLLISION COURSE” worldwide in August 2000.

One more the press reaction was euphoric around the globe (e.g. “10x Dynamit” in “Rock Hard”, 2nd rank “album of the month“ in “Heavy…”), but the band failed to go on tour. In June 2001 the PARADOX absolved a fulminate show at the “BANG YOUR HEAD”- festival which once again made the fans go mad.

…CHARLY had to struggle with numerous strokes of fate in his private life such as numerous cases of death in his family (wife, father, grandmother, mother in law), which the usually good-humoured frontman barely coped with. A severe intestinal disease followed with numerous operations which almost lead to his death. All activities of PARADOX were stopped at this time.

In September 2005 CHARLY STEINHAUER had endured his long enduring sickness and started planning a further comeback together with KAI PASEMANN.

The 2nd comeback was absolved at the “KEEP IT TRUE VI”-Festival in April 2006 and end of 2006 the band will record the new studio album in the year of the 20th band-anniversary.

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