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传记 : Pagan's Mind

Pagan's Mind is the result of a dream combining the agressive and technical aspects of metal with the more melodic and epic areas of music. Pagan´s Mind is not an old band, being found out of the remains of the band formerly known as Silverspoon in the summer of 2000, and is therefore a pretty new band although they already have made furore in the Scandinavian metal scene the last months. Silverspoon released their full-play CD "Sink Or Swim" as a type of professional promotion CD, or demo if you will, released on "own label" (which means no label!). The songs on the Silverspoon album was old stuff from some of their earlier bands, so the music was sort of different stylewise. They got a record contract with Norwegian label FaceFront/Voices of Wonder on the Silverspoon album, but found out that the new songs written for the upcoming album, suited another concept, band name and members. Nils, Stian and Thorstein contacted Steinar Krokmo, which joined as the new bass player together with guitar virtuoso Jorn Viggo Lofstad. Steinar and Stian played both in prog metal Trivial Act already, and Stian was already familiar with Steinar as a killer bassist. Ronny Tegner, the "Jens Johansson drop dead" crazy son-of-a-bitch" from Stathelle near Porsgrunn joined as a full member of the band two months after we recorded "Infinity Divine", though he did all keywork on the album. There came a time filled with stress and pressure, as the new members joined just a month before the recording of the album. All the songs except for one was written before the new members joined the band. The debut album "Infinity Divine" was then produced and mixed by guitar legend Ronnie Le Tekr¿ (TNT, Vagabond) in his Studio in the woods of Toten in Norway.

This mystic, unique location, a rebuilt farm in the middle of the woods created a perfect frame around the work with the album. The work with Ronni Le Tekrø and Dag Stokke knitted bonds and it is possible that Pagan´s Mind will cooperate with them in the future as well. The CD was released in November in Norway, just after their first gig together at the 1001 watt festival in Norway. Infinity Divine is now released throughout all of Europe through Zomba Music publishing. Pagan´s Mind have worked the material so well in the blood that they have been called Norway´s best liveband nowadays.

The band are currently working on material for their next album, which at the time have no title. Besides, a lot of time are used on promotional work and likewise.