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传记 : Overkill (USA)

It's summer. A group of teenagers decide to go on a camping trip. They drive far up in the country until they find a small place were they rent canoes for a bargain. The group paddle for a long time before they find the perfect island to set up camp on. They have sex, do drugs and drink alcohol. But the next morning they notice that one of them has disappeared. They split up to go looking for her, but that proves to have horrifying consequences...

The director Joakim S. Hammond was even as a child very interested in horror films. After making a few short films during his time in collage he decided that he wanted to try his luck with a larger production. He got the idea for a low budget horror film in the classical Teenslasher genre and was encouraged by friends and fellow filmmakers to turn the idea into a script.
Within weeks of completing the script, pre-production began. Fellow filmmakers and friends got different roles behind the camera. They had an audition, planed the production and the filming started summer of 2004.
The following year while still in post-production Joakim was interviewed for an article in the popular newspaper Metro. A representative from Regain Records saw the article and contacted Joakim, soon a co-operation involving soundtrack and distribution was in process.

Murder Island is shot on DV, actors and crew members all worked for free. Joakim has financed the entire production himself. He also purchased, rented or borrowed all equipment through his production company First Day Productions.

The soundtrack that has been developed in co-operation with Regain Records, will contain songs from such bands as Defleshed, Satariel, Dark Funeral, Dismember, Behemoth, Marduk, Trendkill and Vader.

Murder Island is the first project of its kind from Regain Records and will be distributed worldwide.

Source: Label Officiel: http://www.regainrecords.com