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One would think that after more than ten years of cranking out the most blistering of Death Metal, Malevolent Creation would be willing to rest on their laurels, having nothing left to prove. But for the band, every show and every new album is another chance to show the world the true definition of “malevolence”. With unmatched speed, skill, songwriting and sheer force, Malevolent Creation is the Mike Tyson of Death Metal, coming up swinging after every knockdown and biting on the ears of anyone too deaf to listen on their own. They've endured censorship, massive lineup changes, infighting, and attacks by religious groups, mass media, the government and right wing thugs. Through it all, Malevolent Creation has stood tall and strong and has never compromised one note nor surrendered one inch of ground. If anything, they've become more and more aggressive and caustic with each new album.

The name of the new album is „The Will To Kill“. Recorded and mixed at Mana Recording Studio in Tampa, Florida this is the first release to feature the savage style of Kyle Symons on vocals. Kyle is no stranger to Malevolent Creation, as most people know (Hate Plow is Rob Barrett's and Phil Fasciana's grind band) and was the only replacement we would even consider. 40 minutes of pure grinding Death Metal! The only way to describe this new album is “deadly”. This is by far the best-produced Malevolent Creation (courtesy of producer and Kataklysm guitarist Jean-Francois Dagenais) in many years and the first release for Nuclear Blast Records in Europe. Guitar legend James Murphy also laid down a few solos for the song “Assassin Squad”, which really brings an old school feel to the track.

The origin of Malevolent Creation can be traced back to their formation in 1987 in Buffalo, NY. There they made and gave away 100 copies of their first legendary demo tape, taking their first sure-footed step into the Death Metal Underground. Their 1988 move to Florida set the stage for the recording of their second demo, which they pressed 1000 copies of, establishing them as legitimate contenders in the field. With their strongest line-up at that point, a third demo was recorded leading to a deal with Roadrunner Records and the release of their first full-length album, 1991's „The Ten Commandments“. Some line-up changes couldn't stop the war machine and classic releases like „Retribution“ and „Stillborn“ established the band even more.

You know what to expect and Malevolent Creation never disappoint anyone. „The Will To Kill“ definitely kicks ass; the album is a scarring bestial ambush of utter terror and brawn, as their musical knife is whetted once again on the stone of all things weak and trendy. It represents nearly one hour of bulldozer riffing, supersonic drumming and inhuman vocals. The murdering continues and Malevolent Creation returns to grab you by the face and drag you one step further into damnation. Experience The Will To Kill!

Source: Label Officiel: http://www.nuclearblast.de