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传记 : Khanate

Khanate (pronounced CON-EIGHT) was born in NYC autumn 2000 after an initial meeting between James Plotkin/Bass (REGURGITATION, OLD, SCORN, James Plotkins's ATOMSMASHER, several releases under his own name and in collaboration with various other individuals) and Stephen O'Malley/ Guitar (THORR'S HAMMER, BURNING WITCH, SUNN O)))) administered a necessity to survive the sorely missed bleak aura of suffering evoked by the departed BURNING WITCH. Plotkin arranged vocal torture courtesy of Alan Dubin (OLD) with whom he had been working together in the proto-dirge unit SHADOWCAST during 2000 (along with ex-16 drummer Jason Corely). Tim Wyskida (MANBYRD, current drummer in BLIND IDIOT GOD) blessed the group with his hammers and Khanate became solidified.
During winter-spring 2001 Khanate recorded and produced their self titled debut in studio necrodrone8negatives, with final mastering by Mathias Schneeberger (THE OBSESSED, SAINT VITUS, GOATSNAKE). The sounds can probably be described as the next step down the mentally unstable ladder from BURNING WITCH. Ultra gravitational hellish brooding black doom metal with inhuman vocal constructs. Well, something like that......

Shortly thereafter an agreement was drawn up between the unit and SOUTHERN LORD RECORDINGS of LOS ANGELES for a 2 album contract.

A particular of Khanate is Dubin's relentless vocal assault lying somewhere in the realm of early DIE KREUZEN, ACCÜSED and such venoms. A unified purpose of bottom end wave structure and sound as physical onslaught drives Khanate. Tortured cries collide with the musicàs low-end, gut-wrenching aggression. Each note is used to create forceful brutal impact...

Source : tartareandesire.com