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After the much-lauded debut album “Ninewinged Serpent” in 2007 and a triumphant 7 weeks long European tour with Polish death metal overlords Vader, Sweden’s blackened death/thrash commando DEVIAN mercilessly return with a second attack: The furious new album “God To The Illfated”. Featuring former Marduk members Legion (vocals) and Emil Dragutinovic (drums), DEVIAN anno 2008 offer an increasingly dynamic, vicious and aggressive sound that captivates the listener with massive, thrashing riffs, a heartfelt old school spirit and simply perfectly written songs – an art seemingly lost in days, where most bands rather show off their technical skills instead of constructing effective hooks and epic melodies... .. Recorded once again at Art Decay Studio with Rickard Kottelin throughout the Summer of this year, DEVIAN decided to subsequently hook up with Hypocrisy / Pain mastermind Peter Tägtgren for further production duties and the intense mixdown of the album at The Abyss Studio (Immortal, Marduk, Dimmu Borgir, etc.) while mastering duties were once again taken care of by Peter In De Betou / Tailor Maid Production (Dimmu Borgir, Arch Enemy, Dark Tranquillity, etc.)... .. Such illustrious sonic set-up didn’t fail and consequently “God To The Illfated” sounds as honest, natural and powerful as it ever gets, enhancing DEVIAN’s newest material to document a giant and very impressing step forwards for the band. Razorsharp riffs dominate songs like the driving title-track, the catchy bonebreaker “The Unspoken” and the album’s fierce opening track “Mask Of Virtue”, whereas mid-tempo monsters like “I’m The Pariah”, “Awaiting Doom”, “Saintbleeder” or the atmospheric “When The Vultures Left” should become new highlights of the band’s live show at instant... .. Rounded off by masterly macabre artwork by renowned Greek artist Seth (Paradise Lost, Exodus, Soilwork, etc.) “God To The Illfated” is a sensational sophomore effort that is destined to spread DEVIAN’s qualities and message all over the place.

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