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传记 : Destruction


1983 the Band is founded in Weil am Rhein
(Germany) with Tommy (drums), Mike (guitars) and Schmier (bass & vocals) 1984 First contract with SPV Records and release of the first Mini-LP „Sentence Of Death“ 1985 first big success in the international metal-underground and europe-tour with the leading thrash metal scene band „Slayer“!

1985 1. LP „Infernal Overkill“, world war III festival in Montreal/canada

1986 DESTRUCTION has established itself as europe‘s leading thrash metal band, successfull

tours in Germany and other countries

1986 2. LP „Eternal Devastation“, headlinertour Europe with support from Kreator and Rage

1986/87 Drummer Tommy quits, line up changes to Olly on the drums, Harry joins for the second guitar ·

1987 release of the „Mad Butcher“ Mini-LP

1 987/88 Tours in the USA/South America and Southern Europe

1988 3. LP „Release From Agony“, the band distances itself from their original style through influence of the new Bandmembers 1988/89 Europe-Tour with „Motorhead“, several festivals, „Release From Agony“ leaves fans and press with mixed feelings 1988/89 Live LP „Live without sense“, 3-month-US-Tour · 1989, while recording their 4th LP „Cracked Brain“ separation from frontman, singer & bassplayer Schmier 1990 Release of „Cracked Brain“ with guest singer Andre´ (Poltergeist), 4th LP is recieved rather poorly 1991 Mike and Olly continue to use the name DESTRUCTION with new band members!

1999 Because of the extreme press- and fan demand for DESTRUCTION, the two former members Mike und Schmier reform DESTRUCTION together with Sven - new drummer

1999 DESTRUCTION start their comeback at the biggest german Heavy Metal Open Airs: Bang your Head, With Full Force, Wacken ! 2000 Release of the new Album ‚All Hell Breaks Loose‘!