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传记 : Demisor

The band took off in the early 87" with members playing death metal covers and doing some original songs. With Azizi-guitar, Yazid-guitar, Dol-bass and Maiden-drums. This line up did few jamming but no releases as some members quit and join other death metal acts. Then the bands took off again with another line up with Dol switching to drums and Botak of Living Corpse zine" editor as vocals. They add Zul in bass and did a reh/demo "Mastectomy" in the early 90".Although the sound turn out bad they received good response from the underground listeners. After that reh/demo the bands have problems again and left with only Botak and Dol to continue. They recruited Amirul on bass and started the band again. With some original songs done they wanted to record a demo but again the band slacken again. They soon called Jali to play drums and Dol is switch to guitar. Again the band slackens and then they kick out Dol and recruited more members to play with Harman as vocals and Apang as bass. They got John as another vocals but then change again to Fahmy as vocals. With this line up they record another reh/demo "Oral Climax" in early 92". The line up is Botak-guitar, Amirul-guitar, Apang-bass, Harman-vocals, Fahmy-vocals and Jali-drums. With this line-up they play their first gig at Malaysia, Perak in 93" with all great Malaysian death metal acts like Brain Dead, Tormentor etc. Soon after that again a change in the line up with Azizi playing back in bass replacing Apang.With this line up they did a split EP tape with Malaysian death metal godz Necrotic Chaos. Again a change in the line up with Azizi switching to guitars as Botak decided to quit. So with Fahmy-vocals, Harman-vocals, Amirul-guitars, Azizi-guitars/bass and Jali-drums they did few releases and lots of live in Singapore and Malaysia. Then Harman quits but the band moves on with the remaining members. The band play twice in Indonesia, Jakarta and Bandung 1997 with band like Grausig, Grind Buto, Death Vomit etc.Then Azizi has problem with immigrations and the bands go on with 3 members. With this line up they did a few split 7"ep, a few gigs in Malaysia and a Japan gig 1999 with bands like GxBxN, DxIxE, 324, Corrupted, Unholy Grave, Fuck On The Beach etc. After a few years the bands started to have problems and soon it"s was halt for a while. Fahmy is down with sickness. Amirul is tied up with busy schdule,work and studies.For few months later Amirul meet up Azizi and decided to reform.Both planned that DEMISOR should at least do a full length.So as time go by they meet up the others to do some release.At this time Napalm Death is playing in Asian and so DEMISOR was invited to play.Fahmy was called up and Zainal played drums.Then Azizi decided to quit again and started a band in Malaysia and Demisor still goes on with remaining 3 members. With this line up they did a split CD with Japanese grindcore band Carcass Grinder. So as of today after all that hassle Demisor will prevails as 3 members that is Fahmy - All Vocals Amirul - Guitars/Bass Zainal - Drums..…...the saga will be continue.......

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