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传记 : Deceiver (SWE)

2004 * The band gets started in January by Pete Flesh, Crille Lundin and Flingan. One month later Destormo are asked to join forces. Five tracks are done for a demo recording in the end of May. But instead of a demo release they got a offer from Iron Fist Productions to release it as a M-CD instead. The offer was accepted and the selftitled M-CD was released in July.

2005 * Ten months after the M-CD recording they enters the Abyss studio again for the recording of their debut full-lenght album - "Riding With The Reaper". The recording session are done in March, and only one month later the album is released. Some shows are done in April and May to promote the album. Some weeks after their last show they go seperate ways with singer Destormo, due to his other comittments with Serpent Obscene and Maze of Torment. No blood was spilled, and they are still working together as he still does the bands album lay-outs. Due to the bands big creative side they have always written songs and have always tons of ideas laying around. They had the material to start working on a new album, but no singer. One month later still not finding the right person for the job guitarst Pete Flesh gives the others the idea to try him out. They do a test demo just to try it, and the result turns out very satisfying for all and they decides that the search for a new singer has come to an end. The inspiration are at top and ten new songs are written in three months. They enters the Abyss studio already in October for the recording of their second full-lenght album - "Holov Posen Tro May Trot". The result turned out more aggressive and intense then before, but still with the typical Deceiver sound, thrashing heavy metal!

2006 * So far, alot of practise have been done to be able to do live shows as soon as possible to promote the new album - "Holov Posen Tro May Trot". Three shows have been booked so far (see shows for information). The new album is planed to be out at the end of March.

Deceiver LINE - UP (from left to right)

Flingan - Drums, Crille Lundin - Bass, Pete Flesh - Vocals / Guitar


* Pete Flesh - ex. Maze of Torment, ex. Harmony, ex. Embryo, ex. The Mortician Dead, still active with the solo project FLESH

* Crille Lundin - ex. The Mortician Dead, ex. Xenofanes, ex. Harmony

* Flingan - ex. The Mortician Dead, still active as session drummer in FLESH

Source : http://www.Deceiver.tk/