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Formed by Erez Yohanan on June 2004. Erez first started working on the trilogy project as a basic idea for the concept of the exodus biblical story. The aim was to tell the story of Moses and the Exodus from Egypt right from the slavery period, all the way until the Hebrews entrance to the Promised Land.

After a few months of writing and searching for a guitar player, YUVAL KRAMER joined and together with Erez started writing the first songs. A year later with a basic structure of the album and HANAN AVRAMOVICH on second guitar, Amaseffer was the name chosen for the band.

The Hebrew name Amaseffer referring to the name chosen for the Israelites in the Bible meaning "People of the Holy Book".

Obviously, this group needed a suitable singer so the band contacted ANDY KUNTZ, lead singer of successful German progressive metal band VANDEN PLAS telling him all about the concept. After listening to a couple of songs, Andy decided that he wants to take part in Amaseffer's Trilogy. Recruiting Andy was a turning point in the band's schedule for now they have a singer and things needed to move forward in order for Andy to work on his vocal lines. The band flew to Germany to meet Andy and at the same time also met with MARKUS TESKE, who is a good friend of Andy and owner of BAZEMENT STUDIO. It was decided that the album will be recorded in Germany by Markus Teske.

Unfortunately, after a long period of delays and setbacks to the working progress due to Andy's unavailability, both sides decided that the best thing to do in order to move forward with the production is to search for a new lead singer that will be committed to his part in the trilogy. The band immediately started looking for the vocalist who will contribute his voice to the music.

The band auditioned a few of the leading names in the business but none of them really left the right impression. Knowing that this part is so vital, Amaseffer did not compromise on that, regardless the tight time schedule, and kept on auditioning singers and at the same time flew to Germany to record the album.

Singer MATS LEVEN was mentioned as a possible vocalist for Amaseffer, so the band went and reviewed some of his works: THRION, KRUX, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN and FATAL FORCE and it gave the band an overall look on Mats abilities and a decision was made to contact and tell him all about the project. Mats showed a big interest in it, so the audition-package (a part of the song "Slave for Life" with the lyrics to it) so he will record his own vocal ideas on it was sent to him. When he sent back the file along with his vocals, it was decided that Mats Leven is the perfect man for the job.

By that time, the album was finalized in Germany. In addition, a copy was sent immediately to Mats in order for him to start working on his vocal lines.

It took Mats a rapid three weeks to finish all vocal ideas, a thing that accelerated the next step for Amaseffer: Finding a record deal for the Trilogy!

The unique sound of the Album and the musical mix of cultures needed a unique record label that will share the same vision and be just as versatile. With the help of Markus Teske a copy of the album was sent to head of A&R at InsideOut Music record label in Germany, OLIVER MENSING. It took a few weeks and Amaseffer got an E-Mail from Oliver: "We are ready to make an offer"! That was the last piece of the puzzle being framed as a final and complete picture.

The album was done, a record deal was signed and now preparing for the most significant moment that will conclude four years of hard work and sleepless nights.

The release date June 6 2008 will also be marked as Amaseffer's fourth anniversary.

Exodus is the second of the five Old Testament books ascribed to Moses. It picks up the story where Genesis stopped, about 430 years after Israel's entry into Egypt. Exodus lays the foundation for understanding salvation, in that through God's mighty acts, He wins the freedom of His people. In the eyes of the Old Testament people, these events are more important than creation. Again and again the thoughts and songs of Israel's people will return to the time of Exodus.

On the first CD of the trilogy we pick up the story right from the slavery period in Egypt when the new Pharaoh enslaves and oppresses the Israelites with forced labour. fearing the Israelites growing population will outnumber the egyptian people the Pharaoh orders the Hebrew midwives to kill all male babies and sending his army to each house of the Israelites, making sure that his command is done.

Standing by the great river Nile, Jochebed, who just gave birth to her child, fearing for his life she forced to send him away along the river, hopping that someone will find and save him from the Egyptian killing hands. However, a daughter of Pharaoh finds the male infant, calling him Moses (translating in Hebrew as drawn from the water).

Moses is brought up as an Egyptian. As his past becomes revealed that he is actually an Israelite, he takes sympathy for one of the slaves that is being whipped by the guards. He kills the guard and buries his body in the sand. To escape from pharaoh (the punishment for killing a man was death), Moses flees the country. Moses exile takes him to Midian, where he becomes shepherd to the priest Jethro, ruler of Midian, and marries his daughter, Zipporah.

As he feeds the sheep on mount Horeb, God appears to him for the first time from a burning bush, which fails to turn to ash. God orders Moses to demand the release of the Israelites from Pharaoh and gives him the power to perform miraculous signs with the holy wooden staff to show his authority. Aaron, mentioned for the first time and identified as Moses' brother, is appointed to assist him.

With the holy wooden staff in his hand and Aaron to assist him, Moses returns to Egypt as God's deliverer of the Israeli people.

The Pharaoh refuses Moses' request and oppresses the people still further, ordering them to make bricks without straw. Moses subsequently complains to God, who announces to him that he will display his power to such an extent that the Pharaoh will be keen to send the Israelites away.

God sends a series of 10 dark and gruesome plagues onto Egypt, each time acting through Moses. Since each one has respite, and the Egyptian magicians are capable of duplicating some of them, the pharaoh becomes increasingly stubborn.

Finally, a great plague, plague of the first born, killing all the firstborn in Egypt. Passing over the houses of the Israelites, since they have completed the Passover ritual, marking their houses with the blood of the goats. Pharaoh consequently relents and is only too glad to get rid of the Israelites.

Preparing now to the next and most significant moment in the history of the Israeli people, the Exodus...

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