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传记 : Aeternus Prophet

The band was founded by drummer Dessident-th and Oberon-om the end of 2010. Also included in the composition of the Logos (vocals) and Filthon (guitar), in this part was played by the first sessions in the garage,and then the second. Since 2011 the composition changed, and the group agreed for performance at the festival Skyline Great Chalenge, after which gave a series of concerts in Kiev underground clubs. April 8, 2012 played at the International Festival Emergenza (Bingo), with monsters Ukrainian. metal scene - Fleshgore, Natural Spirit, and Ungrace.12 November debut album is recorded at studio 100% records, the label that released Rostok Records. November 25th played at international festivals Slavic Rock, which filmed a music video (studio Picoi Production) which was in rotation on the A-ONE. We and several other groups (Сrash, Gore Inhaler,) Slavic Year organizers noted as the most hard groups. In 2013, the group has a mini-tour of Ukraine.
Currently the band consists of 3 members

Source : http://www.lastfm.ru/music/Aeternus+Prophet/+wiki