Tomi Koivusaari

姓名 Tomi Koivusaari
Birth date 11 四月 1973
国家 Finland

Black Sun Aeon

Abhorrence (FIN)


Tomi Koivusaari (April 11, 1973) is the rhythm guitarist and former vocalist of the Finnish metal band Amorphis. He started playing at the age of 14, his first band was Violent Solution formed in 1987, with him on guitars and vocals, Esa Holopainen on guitars and Jan Rechberger on drums. The band played thrash metal, recorded a demo and an EP. He also formed a doom/death metal band called Abhorrence in 1989, and recorded a demo and an EP. Both bands broke up in 1990, but Tomi was not a member of Violent Solution since he formed Abhorrence. In 1990, Tomi, Esa, Jan and bass guitarist Olli-Pekka Laine (who played in Nuxvomica at that time) formed the legendary Amorphis. They started with playing melodic death metal, but after recording two demos, two LPs and two EPs, the started to change their style. In 1996, Tomi formed Ajattara with Pasi Koskinen. He uses the "Samuel Lempo" name in the band.