Sarah Lee Lamashtu

姓名 Sarah Lee Lamashtu
Birth date 09 十二月 1985
国家 Denmark

Augu Sigyn


Name. Sarah Lee Lamashtu

Bands + Solo bands: Djævles Skrig ( Black Necro Death Metal ), Augu Sigyn ( Black Metal ), Syfilis ( experimental dark electro ), The Crone ( Underground experimental ), WORHT ( a Fight for Human Rights Rock / Avangarde Metal ), The Bipolar BLU-82 ( a project with out any serious project )

Co Musician: Atziluth / Michael Huhle

Sarh Lee Lamashtu, also known earlier under the name Pipaluk, became the title of the The CRONE album ´PIPALUK´. Pipaluk later changed name to Sarah Lee Berthelsen, but as a artist name Sarah Lee is known under ´Sarah Lee Lamashtu´

Sarah Lee has made music since the age of of 12 years old. Now 30 years of age, and still playing & recording.

Bands known & unknown:
LVRS Mortis
Sarah Lee Lamashtu
The Bipolar BLU-82
Augu Sigyn
Djævles Skrig

Produced albums