Kasperi Heikinnen

姓名 Kasperi Heikinnen
Birth date 04 八月 1980
国家 Finland

Kasperi Heikkinen is a Finnish rock musician, a guitar player and a guitar teacher. He's also the founding member and the songwriter of the Finnish heavy metal band MERGING FLARE. The debut album of MERGING FLARE, "Reverence", was released in 2011 and was highly praised among the critics. His past activities include 4 studio albums and international touring with symphonic metal band AMBERIAN DAWN, 2 studio albums with the progressive death metal outfit ELENIUM (Fin), 1 studio album with traditional hard rock/heavy metal line-up CONQUEST, and various smaller releases such as EPs and singles. Besides that Kasperi has worked with some tribute bands, such as GUARDIANS OF MANKIND (Gamma Ray), VICARS OF HELL (Judas Priest) and MACDETH (Megadeth). He has also done some live session touring in Europe and Russia with German power metallers GAMMA RAY.