Eyal Levi

姓名 Eyal Levi
Birth date 22 五月 1979
国家 USA

Levi Werstler

Daath (USA)

From 2003 The Band's Page

Eyal Levi is a metal musician who was born in Cleveland, Ohio on May 22, 1979. He is the son of the famous musical composer Yoel Levi, who currently runs both the Flemish Radio Orchestra and the Israel as the advisor and the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra as a conductor. Eyal Levi attended the Berklee College of Music located in Boston, Massachusetts. Alongside Michael Kameron, a good friend of Eyal's who also attended the same college as he did, Eyal formed industrial death metal band Dirt Nap in 2003. However, in 2004, the band later changed its name to Daath. Eyal Levi currently plays the guitar and keyboards.

Eyal Levi also formed a progressive metal side project along with fellow band member and guitarist Emil Werstler called Levi Werstler. They also gathered other musicians for the formation of the project, including drummer Sean Reinert (Cynic, ex-Death). Levi produced their debut album in 2010 entitled "Avalanche Of Worms."

Eyal Levi also did guest guitar sessions for a few bands as well. He performed a guitar solo in the song "Here Is Subzero, Now Plain Zero" by thrash metal band Austrian Death Machine along with Emil Werstler. He also played guest guitar solos for the progressive/technical death metal one-man band Achokarlos in the song "Mind Landscapes" and for heavy metal band Enders Game in the song "Holding On."

As well as playing guitar in metal acts, Eyal Levi has also produced and mixed several albums for not only his own bands, Daath and Levi Werstler, but also for a few others. These bands whose records were produced by Levi include famous death metal bands Arsis and Misery Index.

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