Bob Saliba

姓名 Bob Saliba
Birth date 09 九月 1979
国家 France




Born in 1979 in Bordeaux, France, Bob is a french guitarist, bass player, singer and composer. His first releases are his 1st solo album under the name Bob Oliver Lee (Between Time & Space), Raff – Fissure both in 2009 and Abnormality – Ablaze in 2010.

But as a real polyhedric artist, in 2008 he starts also playing for the power pop band Alix, a mediatic combo that had a lot of success especially in Paris area. After the split of these early projects, Bob gets new metal bands: in Stonecast as lead guitarist and main composer (2010); in Ninmah as singer (2013); in Debackliner as lead singer (2014); in Galderia as bass player, lead & acoustic guitarist and singer. As singer and guitarist he also performs on the album of Quiet Human: LTTSS. During the live shows he has been an opener for bands such as Tim Ripper, Circle II Circle, Blaze Bayley, Freedom Call, Wardlord, Timo Kotipelto & Jani Limataiinen's Blackoustic, Secret Sphere or at Sonisphere.

In 2016 he started a collaboration with John Macaluso (Ark, Symphony X, Y Malmsteen…) to perform Ark songs with a new French band full of energy. This same year he releases his 1st album with Debackliner on Pitch Black Records, his 2nd solo album Bob Oliver Lee – Flying Music on Underground Symphony Records and the 2nd album of Galderia - Return of the Cosmic Men on Massacre Records.

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